I sometimes feel like the entire WORLD is a disaster zone. There is so much pain and suffering and heartache pretty much everywhere I turn. TBH, it’s overwhelming.

Though the clouds can seem pretty dark some days, what almost always pulls me up is when I see good people getting together to help each other out.

This is the Hurricane Harvey Community Connections Facebook Group, created (as you can see from the screen grab) by volunteers distraught over what’s happening in Houston and areas hit hard by Harvey.


A few days ago, I checked in with some of my Houston-area friends on Facebook and asked how I could help (I say *some* because one never knows exactly who’s where).

Because, let’s face it, when you’re far away and can’t physically take action, you feel pretty helpless.

One of them added me to this group, because the best way *I* could help was by sharing info.

I’ve been watching it for a couple of days, and it’s amazing.

The people who run this group are amazing.

The people who participate in it are amazing.

The way they’re sharing information on what’s open, what’s not, who needs help, tagging others who might be in the area, getting phone numbers so that they can call emergency workers for others…

I know I’ve used this word multiple times, but it’s truly amazing.

And it reminds me of what makes this social media-drenched world that we live in so remarkable.

It’s the people. 

It’s always the people.

Because the only way we get by is with a little help from our friends.

No doubt you regularly investigate how you can help those hit by disaster or tragedy.

Perhaps you donate (thank you!), perhaps you are able to help on the ground (thank you!), perhaps you start a fundraiser (thank you!).

And if you’ve been wondering what you can do to help this time around but not quite figured it out yet, remember this: 

If you share just ONE status update from someone who needs help, via this group if it’s Harvey that’s top of mind for you (click here to request to join) or another legit source … you might save someone’s life.

And the world will be a better place for you having done so.

I’ll talk to you after Labor Day. Get some rest this holiday weekend, be safe, and hug those you love.