In August, #measurePR focused on incorporating measurement from the start of your campaign before even thinking of implement your strategy.

Special guest Annsi Krol, CEO and co-founding partner of byBrick Insight and on AMEC’s International Board of Directors, is an expert on this, so who better to discuss it?!

Here’s some of what we talked about:

On the perfect measurement program:

On measurement’s role in developing strategy:

Jen Zingsheim added:

Brandon Andersen of Ceralytics chimed in:

On what one thing you can do today for better PR measurement:

So much info was being shared that before we knew it our hour was up. If you missed it or would like to relive the magic, check out the #measurePR transcript for August 10.

September #measurePR Announcement

In September, #measurePR celebrates Measurement Month with an all-star, all-female panel of AMEC board members:

  • Annsi Krol, CEO and founding partner of byBrick Insight (yes, again!)
  • Barbara Bassi, owner of BBConsulting and AMEC European Chapter Chair
  • Johna Burke, Executive Vice President of BurrellesLuce, AMEC North America chair, 2017 AMEC lifetime fellowship award recipient, and member of the PR News Hall of Fame, and
  • Khali Sakkas, Chief Executive of Insights & Research for Isentia and AMEC Board member.

Don’t miss this stellar opportunity to gain measurement smarts from this Sisterhood of the Traveling AMEC Board Members as I call them (ha!).

So, mark your calendars for September 14th from 12-1pm ET and RSVP to our Facebook event. Hope to “see” you there!

Shonali Burke
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