Social PR Trifecta GiveawayWe had a boatload of fun this past weekend, during my 3-hours-in-3-days mini-training extravaganza, “Lift Off!”

We played hard AND worked hard.

In fact, it was SO much fun that people were actually asking for more homework and training!


Via a quick (and FUN) exercise, I’m giving you another opportunity to participate in the book giveaway I announced last week.

What books, you ask? Why, these books, my Social PR-lovin’ friend, which I call The Social PR Trifecta Giveaway:

Pretty cool, eh?

So this means a little homework. :)

Yesterday, I posted a challenge in the Social PR Posse group: to come up with your OWN quick meme and share it in the group.

Like this one, which I created a while back:


And that’s YOUR homework too!

Once again, here it is: all you have to do is come up with your own take on a popular meme.

Then, post it to the Social PR Posse Facebook group before midnight EST on Friday, February 24. Don’t forget to include the #liftoff hashtag with your post, otherwise it doesn’t count.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

On that note – happy Friday!