#measurePRYou know what’s awesome about a digital event? Doing it live from a REAL event!

As you might remember, last week I moderated the June #measurePR Twitter chat live from the AMEC International Summit in London. The international panel of guests included:

  • Chief Strategist at Ceralytics, a beta content intelligence platform, Brandon Andersen;
  • CEO of Pure Performance Communications, Deirdre Breakenridge;
  • Media Analysis Director at Universal Information Services, Austin Gaule; and
  • CEO and founding partner of byBrick Insight, a communication strategy agency, Annsi Krol.

If I’m being honest (shades of Simon Cowell), it was a little bizarre. Digital events by their nature are really frenetic online, yet can feel absolutely sloth-like offline.

I mean, picture a room full (ok, half full) of people all focused on their smart devices, occasionally looking up at the screen to view the live stream. Conversation is minimal, barring the moderator randomly talking to herself; people could be inside a subway car, they’re so quiet.

June 2016 #measurePR chat from AMEC London

Yet online, it’s all RAH RAH RAH!!!

Despite the offline-online discordance, it was actually really fun, and those who participated live told me learned a ton about how to curate such an event.

And really… I was invited to host a digital event from one of the best conferences of our industry… in London. Someone pinch me!

Speaking of, here’s some of what we talked about.

On where PR fits within the integrated communications context:

Bill Smith also had this to say:

On moving beyond impressions:

Gerard Corbett also chimed in:

On common mistakes in measuring PR:

Community member Christine Perkett offered this insight:

Despite the bizarre factor mentioned above, time flew by, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – it was a really unique event and opportunity, and I’m so grateful to have been invited to do this.

If you missed it or would like to relive the action, check out the #measurePR transcript for June 14.

July #measurePR Announcement

In July, we’ll take a look at smart reporting with three special guests: founder and CEO of Iris PR Software Aly Saxe; CEO of Geben Communication Heather Whaling; and digital PR strategist Sally Falkow.

So please mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 12th from 12-1 pm ET, and RSVP to our Facebook event.

“See” you there!