One of my earliest posts on this blog was an ode to brassica, better known as broccoli (image: Sam Ley, Creative Commons). I wrote then:

PR lessons can come from the strangest places. Now, I’m not going to create a laundry list, but as I was cooking dinner last night, the broccoli florets that I was steaming looked me square in the face and said: “Is your PR as good as we are?”

I still think it’s a fun read on what PR can and can’t be, but today I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe for what is apparently one of America’s most-loved vegetables.

Here’s my Really Simple Broccoli, especially for Jeremy Meyers, Patrick Johnson, PR@GeorgiaState, Samantha Ogborn, Clay Hebert, and Alison Driscoll. Peeps and tweeps, I hope you enjoy it.

Ingredients (you can’t get much simpler than this)

1 packet frozen broccoli florets; extra-virgin olive oil (I used a “drizzle” but if that stumps you, use 2 tsp); seasoned salt to taste.


Dump the frozen broccoli florets into a non-stick pan over low heat. Cover with lid; as the broccoli thaws, it’ll steam itself. If you’re worried about burning it, add a couple tablespoons water before covering it.

When the broccoli’s thawed (you want to make sure it’s still crunchy, not sad and weepy), drizzle the olive oil over it, and add seasoned salt to taste. Again, if you’re not sure how much to add, start with about half a teaspoon, and go from there.

Mix well and you’re done.

I said it was easy, didn’t I? And it’s really delicious.

Variation: add some simple zing to the Really Delicious Broccoli by squeezing a little lime juice over it once you’ve mixed it in with the olive oil and seasoned salt. I got the idea from Sam Ley’s photo; I haven’t tried it, but am pretty sure it would be excellent.

What other ways have you cooked broccoli that are simple but delicious? I’d love to know; and if you try this, please let me know how it turns out.