21 Sep 2009

Creating a Virtual Internship

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It’s been one of those days that has passed me by without my realizing it, but I had to share this excellent presentation on creating a virtual internship from Heather Huhman. It’s full of useful tips that independent practitioners as well as businesses will value. Check it out.

02 Sep 2009

Want to Freelance? TwitterSource

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I had a lot of fun co-hosting the first #soloPR chat on Twitter today. It was a shame that my co-host, Heather Huhman, was locked out of Twitter for the duration, but pros like Kellye Crane, Jen Wilbur, and many more shared great tips on a career as a freelance PR professional, especially for new/recent grads. That’s right, I put “career” and “freelance” in the same sentence; because it can be a great one.

You can see the entire transcript of today’s chat at the […]

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