Guest Post by Steff Metal

Something strange has happened to my blog Steff Metal over the last month. It’s gone a bit crazy.

I haven’t done anything different. I wrote an article about the history of the Black Death, gave some advice about what to wear to metal festivals and posted some silly metal YouTube videos.

It’s been business as usual; in fact, I’ve been blogging even less than usual this past month, since I’ve been busy updating my Grymm & Epic blogging ebook for the World Changing Writing Workshops starting this month.

And yet, suddenly, my inbox has been inundated with incredible opportunities.

People want to interview me, people want to collaborate, people want to buy ad space and design t-shirts and talk about some major, MAJOR business and who the hell ARE these people? Where did they come from?

It’s magical.

The Fairy GoogleMother waved her wand and suddenly more people than ever are paying attention to me. Me! A metal blogger with appalling fashion sense and an out-of-control sausage roll fetish.

What’s so special about me?

I’ll admit, I used to worry about Google. I’ve had numerous discussions about growing concerns that Google has the power to control what you can and cannot read on the Internet.

I’ve expressed my sadness about legitimate music-sharing sites being shut down by Google’s pursuit of piracy, and about the Google Books debacle infringing upon the copyright of thousands of authors and photographers.

This month, I stand corrected. Google, you are awesome. The frog has finally turned back into the prince.

I think, Fairy GoogleMother, while you’re in this benevolent mood, I shall put forth a few more wishes I’d appreciate if you would grant, if it’s not too much trouble:

  • Fairy GoogleMother, I wish Blind Guardian, my favorite band of all time, were coming to New Zealand on tour, and were Googling around for a place to crash, and happened to come across my site, so would email me for a hotel recommendation. And then I would say, “Don’t worry boys, you can crash on my couch.” And we’d stay up all night eating sausage rolls and talking in Quenya, and they would never want to leave.
  • Fairy GoogleMother, I also wish you would bring my site to the attention of the editors of Metal Hammer Magazine, and they’d contact me and ask … nay, beg me to write a column. And I would hesitate for about four seconds to contemplate my previously-staunch stance on the death of print magazines before leaping out of my chair in joy and banging my knee on the corner of the desk.
  • And finally, Fairy GoogleMother, for my third and final wish, I’d really like the new recipes tab, but feel it would be much better with a “smell this dish” button, so you could sniff the recipe in advance and decide if it was actually your kind of thing.

Just an idea.

Yours sincerely,

What would you wish for from Fairy GoogleMother?

Image: garlandcannon via Flickr, CC 2.0

Steff Metal is a writer, artist and heavy metal maiden living in NZ with her cantankerous drummer husband and their medieval sword collection. Join the Grymm & Epic community for creative entrepreneurs, or read her heavy metal blog on Steff Metal.