xPotomac 2013About a month ago I told you of my xPotomac experience, and we had a pretty engaged conversation around civility in the digital age.

I’m not here to rekindle that conversation, but I’m thrilled to tell you that all the speaker videos from xPotomac are now (drum roll, please) live!

The video quality is really good; Vocus, which provided the videography services, did an excellent job not just of filming but of editing them – so thank you, Vocus!

Geoff Livingston has done a great job of summarizing all the videos here, so you can watch them all from there. And mine is below.

Notes to self:

Do not place hands on tummy as if five months pregnant when not. For heaven’s sake, woman.

Get back into shape or buy more Spanx. Actually, do both.

Consider bringing the red highlights back.

Those shoes are EXcellent. Can you believe I got them on sale for $39?

Enough talking to myself. Here’s the video (I’d love to know what you think, will you leave a note in the comments, please?):

And a reminder that tomorrow I’m off for Social Slam, which I’m really excited about. So you have two guest posts coming your way this week, and I will see you next week. Have a great rest of your week!

Shonali Burke
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