A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar on measurement aka demonstrating the business value of public relations for PRSA.

I say “pleasure” because it was. It was perfectly organized, I had no trouble with the webinar platform, and it was fun.

And I didn’t have to put on fancy clothes or fancy shoes to go do it.

I love webinars!

Here’s the deck, in case you’re interested. Download/embed away.

Couple things

I was hoping to show the Old Spice video titled “Questions” between slides 20 and 21. That’s why the following slide is titled “Answer.”

Also, there are several recaps of the P&G campaign focusing on its results that use W+K’s video case study, but I couldn’t use that either, because the platform we used for the webinar didn’t support video.

So here it is. And the Digital Buzz Blog has an excellent recap of the entire Old Spice social media campaign (which I did pull from, with all the appropriate credits, in my presentation).

I know what you’re thinking.

“Does she have to keep using acronyms in her presentation titles?”

Image: Phil Shirley, Creative Commons

Well… yea, kinda.

If I’m going to grab you by the collar, sit you down and make you pay attention to something as potentially dry and overwhelming as measurement, I better make it fun.


Hopefully I did.

Ted Nguyen upped the game by recording an audioBoo (WTF?!) of most of the Q&A of the webinar.


So, there you have it.

Whadja think?

Psst: Can you believe how many images you find when you do a search on Flickr for WTF?!