the social pr launchpadAfter years of trying to help countless students, clients, and fellow PR pros do away with ineffectual, boring, and simply awful Social PR efforts I had a decision to make:

Either get more exhausted and frustrated than a Salvation Army bellringer on Veterans Day by continuing to try to solve the Social PR world’s woes one frantic tweet at a time… or find a way to help as many as possible at one go.

Thankfully I saw the light – literally, it was a full moon – which led me to develop a unique educational experience for industry pros of all stripes wanting to up their Social PR quotient.

My free, LIVE, online mini-training event, The Social PR Launchpad: Unleash your Inner Social PR Superhero starts TODAY and continues on November 14 & 15 from 2-3 pm ET every day (with a 24-hour replay for all registrants).

Superheros need super-sidekicks. So, since I’m still trying to master the art of changing in a 1970’s-era telephone booth, my dogs Suzy Q. and Lola have provided comments.

“Shonali really knows her stuff,” said Suzy Q, the cancer-fighting Corgi mix that you all know and love. “I mean…hello! She got an orphaned German Shepherd adopted through social media… have you forgotten?!”

Added Lola the Basset:

“Why wouldn’t you get your Social PR swag on with Shonali?! It’s online, it’s free, AND there’s a replay… what’s to lose? Plus, if all ya’ll are lucky I might make a special appearance.”

My three-day action-packed event will include:

  • a personal 3-point Growth Action Plan, to go from Social PR Not-Quite-Zero to Superhero and master today’s Social PR landscape
  • soaking up my signature 15-minute-a-day formula for quick yet effective smart social listening, to stay always ahead of the intelligence curve
  • grabbing a 6-pronged Twitter-inspired media relations mind map the Social PR way, to build better relationships with media who matter and do it faster, stronger, higher!

“Mom also said there will be special treats for those who actually make it live to the mini-training,” said Suzy Q. “Not beef jerky, though, which kinda sucks, IMHO.”

A strong endorsement from my two very credible and cuddly canines.

Visit before it’s too late to sign up for my free, LIVE, online mini-training event, that begins today at 2 pm ET!

Many thanks to Cision for giving me a complimentary news release for the above announcement, which originally appeared here.