What happens when you kiss a bunch of frogs?


Last weekend was my friend Michele’s birthday weekend, so I went across to hang out with her, her sweetie, her two dogs, three cats, and a bunch of frogs.

Like this dude.


Is he adorbs or WHAT?

So cool, just hangin’ out in his own private grotto, watchin’ the lady frogs go by and daring all the tadpoles to look him in the eye. There was another one that was SO cute, but I managed to restrain myself and didn’t post it here.

Here’s the thing about frogs.

They are the greatest baritones in the world, but they’ll do jack-sh*t for your Social PR efforts. You can kiss them, dissect them (yughh), and let them take you on a wild ride… but they STILL won’t help you out. Because they can’t.


Now, you, on the other hand, are not a frog. Last time I checked, you were a smart, sentient being, a member of genus Homo sapiens sapiens. We are, apparently, the “most influential species” on our planet (according to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia knows all).

So if you want to kick Social PR butt, then YOU are going to have to make it happen.

Luckily for you, I got your back. 

Jump to the head of the line and sign up for my Social PR Virtuoso Master Course, for which I just reopened registration. You can register through 11:59 pm EDT, May 26.

It’s your all-in-one program to get you set on the course for Social PR success, exactly the way I’ve learned to implement it over my 16+ years in the biz, and without any of the headaches I had to put up with along the way.

You get my framework, my process, my hacks, my worksheets, my workflows, my mind maps… I mean, you might as well be INSIDE my head. And it’s all online, on-demand, and comes with lifetime access.

I know… crazy! But crazy GOOD for you. Go check it out.

And then you won’t have to rely on frogs, or any other amphibians, to supercharge your Social PR game.