measuring communitySeeing as how February, as a month, is all about love, I wanted to focus this month’s #measurePR chat on the folks who give us the most love in our businesses: our community. So the February chat welcomed a trio of terrific guests: Post Planner CMO Rebekah Radice, Rosemary O’Neill of, and Karen Freberg, Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Louisville.

Here’s some of what we talked about.

On whether impressions are a valuable metric for PR in the social age:

Aidan Lukomnik also had this to say:

On how online community impacts PR and vice versa:

Community member Erica Moss chimed in with these words of wisdom:

On smart metrics for measuring community:

As you can see there was no shortage of great info being shared. Emma Hawes put it best when she said:

So, before we knew it our time was up. If you missed the chat or want to relive the action check out the #measurePR transcript for February 11.

More details on the March guests will be headed your way soon. What I can tell you is that the chat will be held on Thursday, March 10th from 12-1 pm ET… so please save the date!

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Image: William White via Unsplash, CC Zero