Elise Perkins

Happy August!

Today we’re debuting a new series: the Social PR Spotlight on Social PR pros who are daring enough to make a difference. This replaces our Monday roundups because, let’s face it, people are way more interesting than link generators.

I’m super-thrilled that our very first Spotlight shines a light on Elise Perkins, someone I’ve known from the DC Social PR scene for a few years now. She and I have been getting to know each other of late; so much so that she signed up as a Social PR Virtuoso, and asked me to coach her on launching her own very first online course.

How could I say no?!

Tell you what, this lady is full of gumption. Every time we talk, I’m amazed at how persistent she is… and inspired by it. So read on to learn a little more about Elise, and grab her free checklist ASAP if you’re thinking of launching your own service consultancy. Make sure you also subscribe to her blog, it’s full of goodness; I particularly love this post.

Introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Elise – a communications and marketing professional who found herself in DC after college and brought her husband and dog along with her. I founded ep communications in 2014 after seven years of working for trade associations and think tanks.

Today I focus on building brands for businesses and people, using a savvy mix of content and influencer strategies. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, making a mess in the kitchen and boxed wine.

Why do you care about Social PR?

Social PR has the capability to reach audiences in far flung areas of the world, to interact with real people on an intimate level, and the power to ignite change amongst them.

What’s your secret Social PR Superhero power?

I’m not afraid to blend messages with different tones and audiences.

When I first started exploring Twitter, I wanted it to be for personal use only – then, I transitioned to only professional. Now, I mix and match. Everyone likes to be served a bit of wit with their wisdom. 

How are you using the Social PR Virtuoso Master Course to grow your Social PR superpowers?

I’ve been very diligent about utilizing ALL of the worksheets that Shonali so painstakingly put together – and man, they are good.

At this moment I’ve got the “Message Development Matrix” and “9 Types of Sound Bites That Will Make Your Copy Sizzle” at hand while I define the value proposition for my forthcoming online course, “The Savvy Soloist: Your Seven-Step Guide to Launching a Service-Based Consultancy”.

Moreover, listening to her lessons sounds you’re like listening to music.

Truly, this woman is a master of the English language. She’ll teach you practical and applicable tips while offering up random facts to help pepper your dinnertime conversation.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe (when you realize the error of your previous ways), and you’ll be happy that you invested in this professional development.

I have so many good things to say about this that there’s a full blog post dedicated to it.

[Ed: just so’s all y’all know, I did not pay Elise to say any of this, and am blown away by it!]

Elise Perkins Quote for Social PR Spotlight

What is one Social PR campaign you’re in love with?

Currently liking the @Dove #MyBeautyMySay campaign about refocusing the conversation on female athletes.

Twelve years ago, their “Real Beauty” television campaigns paved the way for reshaping what it meant to be a beautiful woman in the United States. They’ve certainly made (and sustained) a mark by incorporating their brand into important cultural conversations.

What tip(s) would you give those starting on the road to Superhero-level Social PR?

Think about the areas you care most about; find new ways to provide value to your community; help others by sharing what you know.

I heard Mark Schaefer once say, “Give all your best ideas away,” and I’ve lived by that motto ever since. 

Who inspires you? Why?

My mother who started her dream career after she stayed at home to raise both me and my sister; and my father who worked at one company for 30 years with long, irregular hours and never once complained.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Any type of fresh pasta – but currently craving carbonara. It reminds me of a few family vacations in Italy, and my heritage.

How can you NOT like anyone whose dream food is carbonara?! Learn more about, and talk to, Elise on her site, Twitter, or LinkedIn.