Exactly a week ago, something really really really good happened to/for me.

Even though I couldn’t officially spill the beans, I had to tell my friends (of course).

They were equally happy for me and, I suspect, a little frustrated that it would take me a week to come clean. This was my Facebook post that day:

A week hence

Now, that day has come, and I can officially tell you…

Today marks my debut as a BNET blogger.

Woo hoo!

In case – just in case – you’re not familiar with it, BNET is “the hub of the CBS Interactive Business Network, which

” … provides working professionals with the advice and insights they need to get ahead in today’s workplace. It isn’t a site for those who merely punch the clock: It’s for business leaders””of today and the future–who believe in the meaning of work and who know that nurturing excellence in their staff and their organization is the true measure of success.”

A lot of media properties make similar claims, but having been a regular BNET reader for a while, my personal opinion (and you can decide whether it’s humble or not) is that BNET provides real value for those in, and who care about, business.

So I’m absolutely THRILLED to bits about this!

Image: Ross Hall via Flickr, CC 2.0

My first post ran today: Are you listening to – or shouting at – your customers online?

Those of you who interact with me on various social networks know that this is a pet peeve of mine; when organizations don’t understand what a “two-way street means,” and instead opt for what I call the Billy Mays approach.

Do have a read, and if you like it, please share it, Facebook “like” it, Stumble it…

In other words, do pass it around to those you think would enjoy it, much as we share crudités at parties. They’re just enough to whet our appetite for more without making us feel engorged and sated.

Dude. Let’s make this the broccoli of crudités!

Because if you do, then I have a real chance at staying on as a blogger for BNET for a run of more than a few weeks.

And who wouldn’t want that?!

So. Please read, share, and let me know what you think – good or bad. If you have ideas for more posts (I’ll be posting once a week for the next few weeks, primarily on PR and social media), please let me know.

My crudités and I will thank you!