07 Sep 2010

Want Social Media Evangelizers? Be Social

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Today BNET published my second post, focusing on how companies can use social media to turn customers into evangelizers.

Who’s in customer service?

I’m not a customer service “professional.”

We all are

But the truth is, we’re all in customer service, regardless of what our job function is. And while Craig Newmark may have made that concept popular, he didn’t invent it.

I’ve written before about how customer service can take PR from good to great. […]

31 Aug 2010

Taking A Bow On BNET

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Exactly a week ago, something really really really good happened to/for me.

Even though I couldn’t officially spill the beans, I had to tell my friends (of course).

They were equally happy for me and, I suspect, a little frustrated that it would take me a week to come clean. This was my Facebook post that day:

A week hence

Now, that day has come, and I can officially tell you…

Today marks my debut as a […]

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