lessonsElise Perkins (one of my Social PR Virtuosos and early coaching clients and colleague + friend) wrote a really great blog post a couple of days ago.

She talked about what her influencers taught her in 2016. She names me among them, but that’s not why I think it’s a great read.

I think it’s compelling because it reinforces three fundamental truths of business, and life.

Add to that, she published it at a time when a “lessons learned” post for 2016 is still extremely useful in 2017; we have 5/6 of the year still left, so lots of time to put lessons to use.

The three truths

1. We all learn from a variety of “teachers”… and not just those we think will be the ones to teach us.

2. If you’re curious, willing to set aside your preconceived notions, and look fear and/or habit in the face … remarkable things start to happen.

3. You cannot control what others take away from any/every interaction with you. The only thing you can control is how you are living, and conveying, your purpose.

My implementation thus far

1. I’m consciously making education and training a priority, so that I actually learn from the 5+ online training/coaching products/programs I invested in last year. 

All from “online marketers” who I know many of my peers in the industry scoff at. Two years ago, I’d probably have scoffed at them too. But I’m working on expanding my horizons, and setting aside my preconceived notions.

Unexpected teachers, in unexpected places, is part of that.

2. I’m looking at how I grow my revenue streams in a completely different way than ever before.

Scratch that. I’ve looked at growing my revenue streams in different ways before.

But this time I’m looking fear in the face – fear of doing something different, fear of failure, fear of being laughed at – and actually working towards that goal, even if just a little bit, every day.

3. I know there are people in my peer group who think I’m completely full of it every time I announce a new training, or new program.

It’s not a nice feeling, I’ll tell you that. Because I can just sense them watching for – possibly laughing over – every mistake I make (and I make plenty!). I’m learning to breathe through it, be unbelievably grateful for the supportive colleagues I do have, and move right along.

Because I have no control over what they think of me, right?

The only thing I can control is what I do, and how I react to circumstances and opportunities, to live my life’s purpose.

Three questions for you

1. How are you receiving to the possibilities the universe brings your way? Are you open to unexpected teachers in unexpected places?

2. Regardless of whether you run your own business, or work for an agency/organization, how involved are you in figuring out new/different revenue streams?

Are you staying mindful of adding to the organization’s bottom line through your Social PR work?

Btw – this month’s #measurePR Twitter chat features 5 incredible women (h/t to Womens History Month) who have made careers of doing just that. It’s March 9 (next Thursday), 12-1 pm ET; please join if you can.

3. Are you doing something every day to live, and convey, your purpose?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to know.

Image: JJ Thompson via Unsplash, CC Zero