stand out as a leader“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ President John Quincy Adams

Leadership qualities never go out of style. Whether you’re an entry-level employee, CEO, or somewhere in between, this President’s Day-inspired roundup will help you step up your leadership game.

1. You Don’t Have to Be a CEO to Develop Leadership Qualities

Why: “Leadership is often confused with authority, but a leader can be anyone at the company — even an entry-level employee,” writes David Hassell as he shows you how to develop leadership qualities “in yourself and look for them in others.”

2. 8 Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader

Why: “You might have the authority to tell people what to do, but if you’re an ineffective leader, you won’t be able to guide and motivate your staff to accomplish their goals,” says Nicole Fallon Taylor as she explains why “there’s more to leadership than having a high-ranking title and being in charge of a team.”

3. How to Develop Leadership Skills – 6 Habits

Why: “Today’s top leaders didn’t rise to their positions by happy accident. These leaders learned and successfully applied the leadership lifestyle,” writes Lei Han as she explains how “with a little hard work, you can also achieve these same admirable leadership qualities.”

4. 5 Ways Women Can Develop Leadership Skills

Why: “Remember, your leadership is needed, you don’t have to be perfect to be a leader, you just have to be passionate and authentic,” says Dr. Bernice Ledbetter.

5. Thought Leadership: Wise Thoughts from Wide Experience

Why: “But thought leadership takes this concept to a higher level by anticipating change, and offering a carefully-considered viewpoint that gives rise to further consideration, discussion, and action by others,” writes Kirk Hazlett in this goodie from the WUL vault.

6. What is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use it?

Why: “It’s not pedigree. It’s not where you went to school. Thought Leadership means you provide the best and deepest answers, to your customers’ biggest questions, in the formats your audience likes to consume,” says Michael Brenner as he explores why thought leadership “is a key component of content marketing.”

7. 9 Ways To Become a Thought Leader

Why: “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will believe in you either. Thought leaders exude certainty that their ideas are useful and worthy of consideration,” says Geoffrey James.

What qualities have you seen in outstanding leaders? Please share in the comments below… and here’s to strong leadership!

Image: Ronda Darby via Unsplash, CC Zero