forgiveMore often than not, people forgive.

Where did this epiphany come from?

Well, last week I was popping into Facebook (as we are all wont to do), and noticed that there were some new “join requests” for my #measurePR Facebook group.

“#measurePR Facebook group, Shonali?!” I can just hear your astonished query.

“I didn’t know there WAS a #measurePR FB group, I thought it was just on Twitter!”

Well… ya… it was (is)… but then many years ago I decided to extend the community to Facebook.

Because there are so many great convos that happen around that hashtag, why let them languish the rest of the month?

And so I did. And it was GREAT, to start with.

Except then… it wasn’t. Because “life” and “stuff” happened, and I did a crap job of moderating it… and it kinda went nowhere.

Except – and this is the astonishing bit – the PEOPLE didn’t.

They didn’t leave the group, they didn’t berate me, they didn’t send me eye roll emojis :roll: :roll: or GIFs. They engaged with me in other venues, and they let the group… be.

So the other day, when I saw all these join requests, I felt awful. Just HORRID.

I accepted them to the best of my ability (I mean, some people don’t really make it clear as to whether or not they’re Russian porn stars…)

… and then I point-blank asked if people were still interested in participating in the group. Honestly, given my (gulp) years of inactivity, I didn’t think anyone would reply.

But they did.

First one, then another, then another.

And you know what really bowled me over? They forgave me. They were like, “Yea, life happens, it’s ok. We’re still in.”

WOW. This is the power of connection.

And this is the power that social gives us, to amplify those connections. People are wonderful. Social is wonderful.

Heck, MONDAYS are wonderful.

Image: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash, CC Zero