what would Mickey measure?I’m going to Disney World!

OK, I’m not really going to Disney World. I am, however, headed to Orlando, Fla., tomorrow, for PRSA’s 2011 International Conference.

I love this conference. It’s my fourth in a row, and thanks to the magic of social media, every time I’ve been back, I get to meet friends from all over the country – nay, world – whom I’d probably never get to see otherwise. Not to mention it seems to be the only time Michael Pranikoff and I meet every year, which is somewhat ridiculous, given that we are both DC Metro area residents.

Oh well. Can’t have it all.

I’m presenting on Monday at 3:30 pm ET (would love to see you there if you’re headed thataway) on practical measurement. Now, if you’ve seen/heard me talk about measurement before, you can skip my session.

Though I wouldn’t advise it, because I’m told Gini Dietrich will be there and may or may not have a sock monkey with her. Is that a sight you’d want to miss? I thought not.

When I speak, or write, on measurement, there are six points I typically touch on:

1. We should start at the end, and not the beginning, i.e. by identifying measurable objectives that tie into our organizations’ (or clients’) business objectives.

2. We don’t need to measure everything under the sun, just what makes the most sense.

3. Measurement is not tough. It does require elbow grease, though.

4. Measurement doesn’t have to be expensive.

5. Strategy and measurement go hand-in-hand.

6. Measurement is fun!

I’ll be using a few case studies to make my points, and if you’re planning to attend, I really hope I’m able to help you in some way. By the way, an easy way to save my session info is to download the nifty conference app that Meltwater created for PRSA 2011, and just save it to your calendar. Yes, that’s an ingratiating smile you sense.

In other words, it’s the way I’d answer the question, “What would Mickey measure?” Assuming you cared about the analytical proclivities of a rodent, that is.

If there are specific questions you’re hoping to get answered, do leave a comment for me below?

I’m also really looking forward to meeting up with Bill Dorman and Adam Toporek for the first time at a tweetup that Gini & co. are hosting (Monday evening), seeing Diane Court, Mary Barber, Richard Bagnall, Katie “Goddess” Paine, Bonnie Upright, Bryan Campbell, Tressa Robbins, Johna Burke… oh, SO many people, I can’t name them all!

So if you’re heading there, do let me know so that we can do our best to catch up. There’s nothing like seeing each other IRL, is there? And if you’re not, I’ll see you online soon, and you’ll be treated to some great guest posts while I’m out next week.

Have a great weekend!

Image: OzinOH via Flickr, CC 2.0