Editor’s note: I had to laugh when I read Jen Zingsheim’s qualifier at the start of this post. She apologizes for doing the recap late… yet here I am, posting it more than a month since this chat took place! Jen, you have no need to apologize; on the contrary, many thanks to you for being so committed to the #measurePR community!

Recap of #measurePR on Oct. 16, 2012

Guest post by Jen Zingsheim

Whew””folks, thanks for your patience while I got this summary written. The best laid plans go awry sometimes; I had fully intended to write this up before I headed off on vacation for a week””then, I got home and was confronted with pre-hurricane prep work.

(We fared just fine, but my thoughts remain with those in New York and New Jersey, who bore the brunt of the storm.)

Please accept my apologies for the delay. Here’s the write up from the #MeasurePR chat held on October 16:

We had a small, but as always a lively group on the 16th. I kicked things off by asking the community what they felt were the most interesting measurement topics they had seen this year””and right off the bat, Jenny Schmitt from CloudSpark said this:

#measurePR Oct. 16 - @cloudspark

A few were dubious of the notion that AVEs have truly died, since they are still being both requested by clients and offered as a measurement by some firms, but they definitely do seem to be waning in popularity as other measurements are offered.

Of the alternative metrics that are (slowly) replacing AVE, measurements of engagement seem to be the most readily accepted. For business-to-consumer companies, engagement can be fairly straightforward to get one’s head around, but still takes careful planning to measure appropriately.

We had some discussion on how to measure business-to-business (B to B) engagement, based on a question from Dawn Kelly, who is new to the #MeasurePR chat. I noted that how you measure engagement between businesses will depend on the most common interactions, and of course, what your goals are.

There weren’t many answers offered by others, so perhaps it’s an area for further examination or development in a future chat.

Erin Greenfield asked a great question about Pinterest measurement, and it’s a question that will grow in importance as companies develop their strategic use of Pinterest.

#measurePR on Oct. 16 - Erin Greenfield

As with any social network, it takes a while for the best measurement tools to sort out, and even then, (as always) you need to pick the tool that best measures what you are looking to measure.

The #measurePR transcript from Oct. 16 is available for your reading pleasure, just follow that link.

(Editor’s note: PS – we’re taking a break from #measurePR today, but will be back on Dec. 11 for the last chat of 2012. I know we’ve been choppy with the chat this year, so thank you for hanging in there with us. 2013 will see us start anew! So do save the date/time; Tuesday, Dec. 11, 12-1 pm ET.)

Jen Zingsheim is Vice President of Products and Services for eOutreach, driving product development plans to better meet the needs of public relations and marketing professionals. In addition, Jen oversees the firm’s media analysis offerings, including BuzzPerception Reports, which track messages and trends in social media for Fortune 500 clients. Earlier in her career, Jen worked at Fleishman-Hillard’s St. Louis headquarters, and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.