bookwormFolks, I’m really sorry. I know I’ve gotten behind on your #measurePR chat recaps, and I really don’t have any excuse.

So… just… I’m sorry. Forgive me?

OK, let’s catch up, then, shall we?

1. There was no #measurePR chat on May 29. Life was just too crazy.

2. On June 12, Katie Paine joined us – it was a surprise gift! And it was a very nice surprise gift, since we started the chat by discussing her recap of IPR’s approving a set of standards for traditional media measurement.

When there was some confusion over whether media “impressions” were being tossed out (because of said standardization), Katie clarified:

You can get the full transcript of #measurePR for June 12, 2012, if you like.

3. On June 26, Geoff Livingston, co-author of the recent book Marketing in the Round, joined us. This was quite a delight, since Geoff is usually crazy busy, and proved to be an energetic chat, as you can see:



and with some really interesting “out of the box” reading shared by @cloudspark

Here’s the full transcript for #measurePR for June 26, 2012. 4. On July 10 (yes, just a couple of weeks ago), Lee Odden joined us for the chat. I’m a huge LEO fan and, in fact, he’s visited #measurePR before (one of our most engaged chats ever), and left us with so much to learn and think about. This time was no different. Lee recently published Optimize, which is just a terrific book (consider that my unofficial review, though a more official one is coming!), and shared so much wisdom on how PR should and shouldn’t be measuring. Such as:


and this great list of social media monitoring tools

and the most common PR measurement mistakes he sees:

I know! Too much awesome! Here’s the full transcript of #measurePR with Lee Odden on July 26, 2012!

Off with you. You have a lot of reading to do. Go on, now!

Oh, and happy Tuesday!

Image: Nathan O’Nions via Flickr, Creative Commons