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24 Jul 2012

#measurePR Recaps for June-July (Chats with @kdpaine, @geoffliving, @leeodden)

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

June & July 2012 saw lively #measurePR chats as Katie Paine, Geoff Livingston & Lee Odden all stopped by the chat.

22 Jul 2010

MeasurePR: The Thud Heard Around The Interwebs

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

A thud for chucks and chicklets

This week’s #measurePR chat was a riot.

The day started (for me, in Alaska), with finding that the oh-so-awesome Lee Odden mentioned the chat as one of the top (in his opinion) Twitter chat for marketing and PR chucks and chicklets.

OK, he didn’t say C&C. That’s all me.

I thought it would be more fun than saying “marketing/PR/SM professionals of all shapes, sizes, hues and gastronomic proclivities.”

Though now that I read that last bit back, that seems pretty cool too.

I know. Whatever.


29 Jun 2010

Catching Up With #measurePR

Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute

The last couple of #measurePR chats have been interesting. A few weeks ago, we resumed our chat via a “community” edition, i.e. where we literally just chatted about measuring our favorite subject, PR. There weren’t any guests, or any set agenda – just… us.

Image: Proctor Archives, Creative Commons

You can get the June #measurePR community chat transcript here.

Then, last week, we were extremely fortunate that Lee Odden was able to join us, to talk about the confluence between SEO and PR measurement.

I can’t imagine you don’t know who Lee […]

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