A thud for chucks and chicklets

This week’s #measurePR chat was a riot.

The day started (for me, in Alaska), with finding that the oh-so-awesome Lee Odden mentioned the chat as one of the top (in his opinion) Twitter chat for marketing and PR chucks and chicklets.

OK, he didn’t say C&C. That’s all me.

I thought it would be more fun than saying “marketing/PR/SM professionals of all shapes, sizes, hues and gastronomic proclivities.”

Though now that I read that last bit back, that seems pretty cool too.

I know. Whatever.

So anyway. Here I am, looking at the gorgeous mountains I can see from my hotel room in Anchorage, catching up with everyone on Twitter, when I notice a spurt of tweets hashtagged #measurePR.

“What just happened?” I says to myself.

“I don’t know. I suppose I’ll have a look.” says Me to I.

“You better make sure they’re not giving away the farm,” says Myself, not to be outdone.

So Me, Myself and I looked at what was going on, and found Lee’s post with 5 tips on Twitter chats plus 8 marketing & PR chats to follow.

Wow! Cool!

And then the pressure started building.

What if today’s chat was a bust?

What if there was a surge of new attendees and they all wanted their money back?

What if everyone forgot the Barcelona Principles were adopted before they’ve even had a chance to go from toddler status to teenage angst?


the day continued uneventfully.

And the chat was great; thanks in no small part to Johna Burke of BurrellesLuce who graciously sat in as the featured guest.

Johna is a powerhouse of a practitioner, who has a knack of framing issues in an easy-to-understand way.

And since I started #measurePR, I’ve been trying to ensure that a range of voices belonging to movers and shakers in the field are heard.

This week’s chat didn’t disappoint. Here are a few nuggets from it:

There were many new participants this week, which I was thrilled about. You can read and download the entire transcript of the MeasurePR chat with Johna, if you like.

Go on, don’t be shy.

And do mark your calendars for our next chat, which will be on August 3, 12-1 pm ET.

All you have to do is log on to Twitter shortly before that time and follow/participate in the conversation using the #measurePR hashtag.

And if you have PR measurement-related questions (“What shoes are you wearing today?” doesn’t count), please send them to me via email or a DM.

See ya.

Now I have to go put Myself in her place.

Image: Brajeshwar Oinam, Creative Commons