Building Business Relationships

Happy Monday! Are you ready for the week ahead? Well then, let’s get right to this week’s round-up!

Relationships are the foundation of any business. And from gathering the right data to connecting with potential clients, creating and building business relationships is a daily task.

This week’s roundup features seven posts that focus on building business relationships.

Image: buddawiggi via Flickr, CC 2.0

1. Social Relationships – the Life Raft for Social Business & Technology Evolution

Why: Pam Moore reminds us to focus on quality versus quantity when it comes to online relationships.

2. Data Mining for Gold

Why: Randy Bowden explains how to properly collect and manage data (which will allow you more time to focus on client work and building relationships).

3. Connect 5: Five Minutes a Day to a Better LinkedIn Network

Why: Are you focusing on making connections more than maintaining them? Daniel Newman reveals how you can create stronger relationships via LinkedIn in just five minutes a day.

4. Aspiration

Why: If you want to grow your business, you’ll have to learn new skills. Especially the art of selling. This is a terrific read from Ann Bevans.

5. How to Network on Social Media Without Being a Stalker

Why: Look at the headline! This was actually a reader question that made for a terrific blog post a while back.

6. Hiring a PR Firm: There is a Time Investment Required

Why: In this post for Spin SucksGini Dietrich takes a look at why the successful hiring a PR firm involves forming an active relationship between both parties.

7. The 6 critical questions guaranteed to drive your social media strategy

Why: Mark Schaefer explores six essential questions that will help strengthen your social media strategy (even if you’re in the stepladder business!).

How do you build business relationships? What’s worked/not? You know we love to hear what you have to say, so do leave a comment below!

Shonali Burke
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Shonali Burke