Low BatteryHappy Monday! Did you enjoy the long weekend? Let me back up… if you took a long weekend, did you enjoy it?

Image: Sean MacEntee via Flickr, CC 2.0

Content is the “meat and potatoes” of everything from websites to newsletters to blog posts; without content you literally have nothing. So this week’s roundup brings you some stellar content… about content. Enjoy!

1. 4 Questions to Ask Before You Publish Content

Why: In this post for SteamFeedJennifer Kane offers some key points to consider before publishing your content.

2. Behind the Story: Q&A with the Media, presented by Cision

Why: A great free PR Resource Kit by Cision (full disclosure: client, this year I’m organizing and hosting several media panels for them), that provides resources to improve your content as well as a Q&A with media pros in NYC.

3. How To Get Leads With Content Marketing

Why: Michael Brenner provides an easy solution to content marketing that offers help rather than hard selling to generate useful business leads.

4. The Long and the Short of It: What PR Can Learn From Good Short Stories

Why: In this WUL post, I explain why several short stories rather than a few long ones can serve your company’s content needs.

5. Content marketing is owning, as opposed to renting media!

Why: Randy Bowden gives us a crash course on content marketing and provides an essentials guide to making it work for your business.

6. Why Good Content Delivers Bad Leads

Why: Have you been doing everything possible to gather great leads via content marketing but to no avail? Eric Wittlake offers some creative solutions.

7. Inside PR 3.35: Take Original Photos for Your Owned Content

Why: On this popular podcast, Gini Dietrich explains how to spice up your online content with your own photos via knowledge gained from Paul M. Bowers.

How do you make your content unforgettable? How do you make your content marketing strategy most effective? Please share your tips so we can all learn.