“Conversation.” It’s one of the great clichés of our field. But it’s become a cliché precisely because of how important it is.

Conversations, when initiated and managed well, can drive reputation, expand reach, and build brand loyalty. This week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on conversations.

Image: AJ Cann via Flickr, CC 2.0

1. Exercises for Writing Conversationally

Why: Writing readable copy that simultaneously makes your point isn’t always easy. In this guest post for Heather Whaling‘s blog, Bethany Cramer offers some exercises to improve your conversational writing.

2. Increase Your Social Engagement

Why: Is your brand using multiple social media sites to converse with potential customers? Randy Bowden has four steps to help you revamp your brand’s social engagement.

3. Are You Trying To Get Your Business Found Online?

Why: How can you increase online conversation around your brand… and get found when you need it? Daniel Newman has some ideas.

4. Four Ways Content Writers Can Change the World

Why: Good content writers are adept at sparking conversation. In this WUL post, Dan Cohen shares how they use their skill set to improve the world.

5. How to Achieve a Return on Conversation with Emotional Marketing

Why: How do you break through the noise on social media? In this guest post for Mark Schaefer‘s {grow} blog, Brooke Ballard unveils her secret to developing meaningful online conversations.

6. Public Relations Ideas for Small Business

Why: Small businesses sometimes overlook manageable PR opportunities to build relationships, drive conversations, and promote brand visibility. In this guest post for SteamFeed, Kris Prendergast explores some ways you can do this.

7. Your Brand Is Not What You Sell

Why: Good marketing is about starting conversations, not shameless self promotion. Michael Brenner examines how IBM approaches its brand.

How does your business spark conversations? Please leave your thoughts in the comments’ section below.