Facebook LogoAnother week, another round-up…

This is going to show you just how uncool I was as a kid (I was a kid! Blame my parents!), but when I wake up to a gorgeous Sunday, the old Daniel Boone song “Beautiful Sunday” invariably pops into my head. I find myself humming and bopping along to it (“hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day”).

And then we have Monday.


On to today’s roundup… and today we’re talking Facebook. Not because it drives Howie Goldfarb crazy, but because hate it, like it, love it, want more of it … or not, you gotta get your head around it.

1. Nine Reasons Fans Don’t “Like” Your Status Updates

Why: In this post for Spin SucksYvette Pistorio explains how to make your Facebook posts more appealing to your fans.

2. Unfriend, Defriend, Kill Your Friend

Why: Ari Herzog offers an interesting perspective on Facebook friendships and their real-life value.

Image: Marco Paköeningrat via Flickr, CC 2.0

3. Facebook Hashtags: What You Need To Know

Why: Now that Facebook has officially integrated hashtags, Mike Allton offers an overview of how to use hashtags properly and how they can help your posts gain visibility.

4. The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

Why: In this guest post for WUL (and, incidentally, a post that is likely to go down in WUL history as getting the most shares on Facebook EVER), Jenelle Conner shares a friend’s true story that will make you think twice before hitting the “share” button on Facebook.

5. The 7 Secrets of Highly Shared Facebook Posts 

Why: Are your Facebook posts getting shared as often as you would like? Scott Ayres offers some tips on improving your chances at earning a “share” over at the PostPlanner blog.

6. 8 Steps To Effective Content For Social Media

Why: Great tips from Michael Brenner to perfect your social media presence that apply to all outlets including Facebook.

7. Infographic: How to create the perfect Facebook profile picture

Why: Good for a laugh, and you know you need a laugh, it’s Monday! An inforgraphic courtesy Jim Dougherty of LeadersWest.

Do you use Facebook on a daily basis for your business? Do you have any tips or tricks that may be useful to others? Please share in the comments below!