does a calculator help with measuring content?I’m really stoked about tomorrow’s #measurePR Twitter chat (you’re coming, right?). These events are always more fun when we have guests, and look at the smarties we have lined up for tomorrow: Shelly Kramer, Daniel Cohen, Jennifer Nycz-Conner, and Fay Shapiro – wow!

So as a tip of the hat to them, today’s roundup is all about measuring content, and what you can do to get there.

1. A meaningful framework for content measurement (Rebecca Lieb, Marketing Land)

Why: You have to have a framework for measurement, otherwise it doesn’t mean anything. This is an in depth guest post from Rebecca for Marketing Land.

2. The 4 types of content metrics that matter (Jay Baer, Convince & Convert)

Why: “Content cannot be measured with a single metric, because no one data point can successfully or satisfactorily tell you whether your program is working.”

3. 8 metrics to conquer a content marketer’s fear of measurement (Pawan Deshpande, CMI)

Why: I thought the chart Pawan put together was very interesting. What can I say, I like charts and graphs.

4. One content metric to rule them all (Trevor Klein, Moz)

Why: I wanted to make sure you were putting your left hand in, your left hand out, your left hand in… :). I actually really love the math here, and you get a template!

5. A bird’s eye view: King Kong ain’t got nuthin’ on Facebook (me, A Little Birdie Told Me)

Why: If you’re an iPhone user you’re going to start seeing “Facebook Instant Articles” in your newsfeed pretty soon. I talked about this in last week’s ALBTM e-newsletter (Wut?! You haven’t signed up yet?!), and I hope it will give you some ideas about how to generate better content on Facebook.

6. 10 Google Analytics tips for measuring content performance (Jeff Sauer for Jeff Bullas)


7. A quick-start guide to measuring your content marketing efforts (Mike King for Copyblogger)

Why: I wanted to make sure I was hitting you over the head with the right and wrong things to measure. Have at it!

Any pearls of wisdom to share on how you measure your content? Drop ’em down there. TYVM.