Angela JefferyIn this week’s #SocialPR Spotlight, I’m absolutely stoked and HONORED (and you know I don’t use that word lightly!) to feature the VERY FIRST Social PR Virtuoso EVER – who is a dear friend to boot – Angela Jeffrey

Angie is no stranger to the PR field. She’s a true pioneer and thought leader for the PR field, as the founder of PRTrak™, which ultimately ended up becoming VMS… and if you’re in PR, you’ll know what VMS was to our business.

Outside of having an incredibly sharp mind, Angie is also one of the nicest and kindest people around; always ready to give of her time and spirit. I’ve been on the receiving end of her generosity, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to me, particularly at a time when I was so down, Down Under was about the only thing lower than me.

#WUL fans, I give you: Angie Jeffrey.

Introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?

Angela Jeffrey, vice president of ABX Advertising Benchmark Index. After a lifetime in public relations and measurement, I joined ABX to expand my experience into the paid media world.

ABX is a syndicated advertising effectiveness research firm that measures all ads for clients and their competitive sets across all media types (including social), and provides results in 24 hours. I oversee all ABX marketing, public relations, social media and sales.

Why do you care about Social PR?

I didn’t care about Social PR for the longest time! It seemed like a massive waste of time and resources.

But, of course that was years ago and I’ve come to understand its value and necessity as part of larger marketing programs. My favorite aspect about Social PR is the immediate feedback that is available, and the chance to interact with very targeted audiences.

What’s your secret Social PR Superhero power?

I think my Social PR “Superhero” power is really just my dogged determination to keep learning, growing and providing high-quality, research-driven content.

Just like in traditional PR, I still believe the story drives the success.

How are you using the Social PR Virtuoso Master Course to grow your Social PR superpowers?

The Master Course is great from a big-picture perspective, and really helps you put your Social PR plan together. For me, however, I really liked some of the smaller how-to tips, such as the “6-Pronged, Twitter-Inspired Media Relations Mind Map,” the “15-Minute/Day Signature Listening Formula,” and the “How to Set-Up Tracking URLs Using Google’s URL Builder.”

Learning to be more disciplined about listening is a critical area for me since it feels like I’m goofing off. Shonali’s formula is really helpful.

Angela Jeffery Quote for Social PR Spotlight

What is one Social PR campaign you’re in love with? Why?

I want to tip my hat to your campaign, Shonali, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen such dogged consistency anywhere else. Your campaigns for your Social PR Virtuoso Master Course are omnipresent in both social channels and email outreach. I admire how well thought-out your campaign is, and suspect you’re having a lot of success.

What tip(s) would you give those starting on the road to Superhero-level Social PR?

Keeping your focus seems to be the most critical area of Social PR.

As we wander through the morass of interactions, which are most important? How can we influence those people to engage with us, and to move down the Buyer’s Journey?

It’s very easy to get off-topic and overwhelmed, and expend a lot of energy without a lot of results.

Who inspires you? Why?

Besides you, Shonali, I’d have to say not ”˜who’ but ”˜what’ inspires me.

Hubspot is the tool we use for all marketing and PR outreach. Hubspot has developed an incredible “Academy” of training materials, and a really fine technical system for website hosting, blogging, email outreach, social outreach, CRM and more.

They challenge customers daily with new ideas and capabilities, and I really admire that.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Cake! I love cake with tons of buttery frosting!

Who doesn’t love cake? Learn more about, and talk to, Angie on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook – trust me, this is one lady you really want to get to know!