measuring multimediaGuest Post by Jen Zingsheim Phillips

The August #MeasurePR chat featured an appropriately august panel–Heidi Sullivan, SVP, Product & Interim Managing Director, Canada at Cision; Dan Farkas, an Instructor of Strategic Communication at Ohio University; and Rachael King who offers PR & partnerships for startups in addition to co-hosting The Shepod.

Our main topic of the month was multimedia””and, of course, how to measure it.

We started by kicking off with introductions, and the guests all had interesting backgrounds that led to their focus on measurement:

First Heidi Sullivan:

Dan Farkas had a very interesting path:

He’d like to make multimedia more accessible, and the way to do that is through measurement:

Rachael King shared her path too:

Next, we got down to the topic at hand: multimedia. First, we talked about the resurgence of “old-style” multimedia, like podcasting, that is experiencing a Renaissance of sorts while new stuff (like AR/VR) is emerging””the question is, why?

Dan suggests the gym is a partial explanation:

Heidi notes the rise of ad blockers:

And Rachael noted the ease of creation as a possible reason for the reemergence of podcasting:

Heidi pointed out that multimedia is very effective:

The real question is how does one measure multimedia effectively? Chat participants had a variety of good answers.

Emma Hawes noted benchmarks come first:

Dan Farkas pointed to a familiar campaign to show good measurement:

Elise Perkins made an excellent point about getting common agreement first:

The next question asked for examples of multimedia ideas gone wrong, and right off the bat, Jessica Bates had the “winner”:

Heidi pointed to the “infographics just because” problem:

She wasn’t the only one to note this problem:

Next, we moved on to recommendations for tools for multimedia, which moved beyond just recommendations for measurement, and included tools for creating too:

Austin Gaule had good recommendations for measuring tools””

And, for a perfect example of multimedia measurement, while most noted the unattainability of perfection, Kim Fredrich summed up the goal for near-perfect:

Dan encouraged PR pros to get every bit of value out of created multimedia:

…because it can be expensive to create:

It was a great and lively discussion, with a lot of input that isn’t highlighted in this summary, so please check out the #measurePR transcript for August 9 to see what you might have missed (or refresh your memory!).

One quick and important announcement that bears repeating here: the #MeasurePR Twitter chat will move to a new day of the week, starting on September 9, 2016. From then on, join the chat on the second Thursday of the month””time is the same, we start at noon Eastern””for your monthly dose of smart measurement talk.

Image: Laura Lee Moreau via Unsplash, CC Zero

Jen ZingsheimJen Zingsheim is a writer and strategic consultant based in New Hampshire. She most recently served as Vice President of Content Marketing and Media Analysis for eOutreach/CustomScoop, analyzing media, digital content, and trends for Fortune 500 clients. Earlier in her career, Jen worked at Fleishman-Hillard’s St. Louis headquarters, and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.