From start to finish

As tends to happen, what one thinks one will do can be quite different from start and intent to finish and result.

For example, I thought this week’s roundup might be a list of seven New Year-related posts I found useful.

But then, while I was at the grocery store yesterday, several people were killed in a terrible shooting – outside a grocery store – in Arizona, and as of this writing, a Congresswoman’s life hangs in the balance.

Life really changes in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it?

When something horrific happens, I tend to … well, “pause” is the only way I can describe it.

I get completely wrapped up in the event – even if I can’t make any sense of it – and it can often take me days to get back to normal. I can’t think of anything else, or do anything else.

I hug my husband a little more, and pet my dogs a little more.

Try to find solace in what gives me comfort a little more.

I even forgot that it was Elvis’ birthday. Me! Forgot ELVIS’ BIRTHDAY!

Which is why I decided to write. Increasingly, I’ve found that writing helps me. I suppose it’s cathartic.

Today’s roundup focuses on posts, songs, speeches, that have given me comfort. I hope you enjoy at least one of them.

1. Tell me not, by Patricia Frame at Women Grow Business (which I edit for a client).

Why: I try not to pimp WGB too much here over at WUL, but the remarkable women who contribute to this blog really do amaze and inspire me almost every day. This post, in particular, I thought remarkable.

2. Last night, I slept in a cave, from Steff Metal.

Why: Steff has recently become a contributor to WUL. I find her an extraordinary woman and it’s posts like this – that are so simple but speak volumes – that make me feel a little more settled.

3. Measuring risk, from Jennifer Wilbur‘s Rotten Eggs.

Why: Jen is a good friend of mine, but I was struck by her willingness to share what is a very private decision and tough process. My husband and I don’t have kids either, but after watching Jen’s experience, we might yet…

4. Judging a book by its cover, from Brian Meeks‘ Extremely Average.

Why: I’ve written about Brian so many times now, I feel like his unofficial publicist. His blog is a joy for me to read, and he is as delightful over the phone; we haven’t met IRL yet.

5. The year of “me,” from Jon Newman‘s Jon’s PR 1.5.

Why: I have a post brewing in my head that’s along these lines, and Jon beat me to it. Gotta give him props for that. And as someone who’s no longer a spring chicken herself, I can tell you that Jon carries his years lightly.

6. Day 992, from Amitabh Bacchan’s Big Blog (can’t figure out if that’s really its name, but I’m running with it).

Why: I’ve included the “Big B” in a roundup before. It continually amazes and comforts me that a star of his caliber writes so prolifically, consistently and honestly.

7. If ya didn’t, ya wouldn’t, from Jackson Wightman‘s Proper Propaganda.

Why: I got to know Jackson through his work for Ragan Communications, and though I haven’t met him IRL yet, I find his sense of humor and style refreshing. I like reading his stuff.

What blogs give you comfort? Do share via a comment, so that I can look them up.

Image: Orin Zebest via Flickr, CC 2.0