How’s my birthday weekend going? Just lovely, thanks so much for asking!

I haven’t ever done a “top posts of …” kind of blog post so far.

Not quite sure why, maybe I was too lazy, maybe I didn’t want to pimp my own posts, maybe I just never got around to finding a good enough hook for it.

But today I’m going to try that. Since it’s my birthday weekend and all.

Here are seven posts that have been published on this blog – both from guest authors as well as myself – that I’d love you to check out, if you can.

And if you like them, or have a different point of view to add, it would be an awesome birthday present if you were to comment and/or share it in any way you felt comfortable.

Hey, just because my birthday was over yesterday doesn’t mean the presents can’t keep rolling in!

Here goes.

1. Being thankful for what is not (me).

Why: kinda self-explanatory, I think…

2. Kpop lessons: handling defamation through public relations (Herwin Icasiano).

Why: Every time Herwin writes a post, I’m stunned by how perceptive and incisive he is.

3. a killer Facebook welcome app (me).

Why: Every now and again, you come across one of those things that is so simple yet genius. That’s how I felt about this app.

4. Color clash: pink or purple? (me).

Why: the cause marketing landscape is crowded enough to begin with; and it’s tough for smaller non-profits to use a color when another group or cause “owns it.”

5. Spice on demand (me).

Why: I wrote this when I was in a bit of a “mood.” How many times do I have to tell someone where I learned to speak English, for heaven’s sake?! I still think it’s a fun post.

6. Farewell, World Cup; Hello misogynistic media (Bryce Keane).

Why: Bryce is a top-notch PR pro to begin with, but he’s even better when ranting.

7. How to lose a girl with one tweet (me).

Why: I loved how this became almost a community post. I’m not the Twitter police, but really, sometimes it gets a bit much.

What did you think? Like any of ’em? Does any other post from WUL stand out to you… and will you tell me why, so that I can try to give you more of the kind of content you like? Do let me know… and thank you either way!

Image: mmlolek via Flickr, CC 2.0