Admit it, you knew it was coming. With today being Father’s Day, of course I had to do an FD roundup!

(That’s my dad & me, Christmas 1999).

1. Fun Friday: Top TV dads, by Joey Strawn.

Why: self-explanatory. And I loved Cliff Huxtable.

2. 11 great last minute geeky Father’s Day gifts, by Matt Burns for CrunchGear.

Why: what are you waiting for? Run!!!!

3. A Father’s Day fit for a F-ing badass, from Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Why: you mean the headline didn’t say it all?

4. A Father’s day e-card from Someecards.

Why: I know Davina Brewer will love this.

5. Father’s Day freebies, from “Cents” able Momma.

Why: What, the “freebies” didn’t draw you in?

6. Father’s Day mash-up: cinema’s worst dads, from FilmDrunk.

Why: There are dads to love. And then there are dads to love to hate.

7. Jack Buck: Father’s Day tribute, from CBS St. Louis.

Why: Memories. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all hope for from our fathers?

Happy Father’s Day!

Shonali Burke
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