Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but I’m not Chuck Norris.

Image: cloune 1X2+‘s Flickrstream, Creative Commons

I do not say this because I wear a watch


Or read books, though I have occasionally tried to stare them down (never works for me).

By the way, you know where all those Chuck Norris facts came from, right? Just wanted to make sure.

No, I say this, because I’m going to shortly say something Roger Byrne reminded me CN would never have done:

What to do? I’m not Chuck Norris.

So, in case you missed them earlier, here are seven good posts I came across during the past several weeks that I saved to share with you:

1. Media psychology: what it is, and why you should care, from the Media Psychology blog.

Why: Psychology’s always fascinating. But particularly for us public relations practitioners, who are constantly trying to get into the minds of our audiences, this is a really good read.

2. Copyright – using other people’s content, from kilobox communiqué.

Why: Wedge is a great writer, so I pretty much read everything he writes. Particularly in light of Mack Collier‘s recent post (and the subsequent discussion) on being very careful when letting other sites run your blog content, I thought this a handy reference.

4. (No, I didn’t skip a number, you just got a twofer.) A column written in five minutes about stuff that mattered years ago from Paul Carr.

Why: Because it’s a great reminder that no matter how “groundbreaking” we might think we are, it’s almost always true that someone has thought/done/said it before us.

5. Has Twitter’s rise led to a decrease in journalistic standards? from Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.

Why: Do I really need to answer that?

6. 3 popular image licenses you need to be familiar with before using someone else’s photos, from

Why: See #2 (and 3) above.

7. Thoughtful consumption and its beneficial consequences, from Constructively Productive.

Why: I’ve been a fan of CP ever since Thursday Bram and Ali Hale launched it, and I’ve been trying to let their remarkable thinking percolate my own work and life, so that I’m more heretically productive. I think I’m doing better than I was, and posts like this remind me to put more thought into everything, including heresy.

There you go. Happy reading.

If you’ve saved great posts that have made an impression on you, won’t you share them by leaving a comment below?