In a couple of days, I’ll be heading to what I’ve always thought of one of the most fascinating places on earth: Alaska.

Image: Travis S.’ Flickrstream, Creative Commons

“Alaska?!” you ask.

“Why?!” you sputter, flavoring your morning coffee with a healthy dose of envy, I imagine.

It all began when I met Mary Barber at the 2009 PRSA International Conference. Mary and I had corresponded on Twitter (is it weird to use that word in conjunction with Twitter? I don’t care.) and made a breakfast date to finally meet IRL.

You know what it’s like when you really like someone online and then you meet them in person and you go, “Oh, no…”

Nothing like that.

Mary’s a wonderful person and seasoned PR professional. Since then, we’ve become good friends, chatting often not just on Twitter, but the phone, email and Skype.

Since I love traveling, I’d mentioned to Mary I’d love to come to Alaska… perhaps even to do a presentation to PRSA Alaska on measurement which, you hopefully know by now, is an area of PR I’m committed to.

Next thing I know, I’m booked to speak to PRSA Alaska.

Being energetic, erstwhile and entrepreneurial, Mary did a Skype interview with me on what I plan to share.

In a nutshell: strategy rules, measurement rocks and … um. Oh well, it’s in the video, if you care to take a gander.

Give me a break. I’m 40. I’m allowed a junior moment now and again.

So I head out on Monday for a week, to let Anchorage and Fairbanks take me by storm, which I’m quite looking forward to.

Being supremely organized, Mary and her cohorts have put together quite an itinerary that includes:

It’s ok. I’d be envious too, if I were you.

I promise to take as many photographs as I can to share, if I’m not overwhelmed by just how gorgeous everything and everyone is.

I can’t thank Mary and everyone at PRSA Alaska and the companies who pitched in to make this a trip of a lifetime enough for this incredible opportunity to meet new people and see a part of the world most of us never will.

(Yes, I know that sounds a little like “it’s an honor to be nominated.” Whatever.)

And I hope those who attend my session see that strategy trumps all when it comes to PR, that measurement really isn’t that difficult and AVE is evil, and, er… oh well, whatever the video said the third thing is.

Hey, I said I’m 40.

I’d love to come to your neck of the woods, if you think you’ll get something out of it. Will you let me know?