buzz marketingAs we  approach the start of a new month (and Q2), Spring is in the air… and in our step. From silly jokes to hidden eggs, April brings with it spontaneity. So if your marketing feels as if it might be in a rut (already!), dust it off along with the rest of your spring cleaning. Here are some ideas on “buzz marketing” (I know, I know).

1. 6 Buzz Phrases Marketers Should Take Seriously in 2015

Why: Natasha Smith published this post in January of this year. I definitely think she’s on the money with “big data” and “Internet of Things,” but am not sure about the rest. What about you? And is there a way you can use (any of) these to your advantage?

2. Winning the Marketing Battle Between Help and Hype

Why: “The advent of the social web has changed things significantly, giving businesses a genuine opportunity to engage in a running dialogue with the communities most relevant to them,” explains Adam Vincenzini in this still-relevant post for Convince and Convert as he explains why buzz and hype will be replaced with “developing genuine relationships” (as Jay Baer describes in his excellent book, “Youtility) in the future.

3. When Controversy Sparks Buzz””and When It Doesn’t

Why: “Companies should look for the ‘sweet spot,’ where an image or issue generates enough heat to elicit interest but stops short of raising qualms.” Jonah Berger and Zoey Chen shared some helpful research via Harvard Biz Review last year (the tips are still good, which is why you’re getting the post!).

4. Launch Day: Generating Initial Buzz for Your Startup

Why: “Generating buzz is vital for the success of a startup,” says Andrew Blackman as he explores how to make your startup “stand out from the crowd” in this post that has some classic, never-get-old, tips.

5. “Growth Hacking” – Ignore the Hype

Why: “Using social media and Internet tools to amass a huge user base can create as many problems as it solves,” says Maura Lafferty in this WUL goodie.

6. 5 Clever Social Media Marketing Campaigns that Went Viral

Why:  Do you remember how (or when) #firstworldproblems became a thing? If not, don’t worry; James Timpson fills you in via this post on Jeff Bullas’ blog.

7.  Most viral April Fools videos of 2014

Why: Because The Day is coming up! And because “April Fools is a great time for companies to get a bit playful with their advertising,” says Chris Quigley as he examines some campaigns that generated buzz last year.

What do you do to get your community buzzing? Please share in the comments below.

Image: marc falardeau via Flickr, CC 2.0