evaluating contentI’ve lost count of the number of crowns Content wears. It’s “king,” it’s “queen,” it’s “Miss America”… ok, I made that last one up. But the thing is, it’s true; when you’re strategizing or planning to implement social PR today, content is related to practically everything we do.

Seeing as we’re almost halfway through 2015, I figured this would be a good time for us all to do a content review. Do you think your content is doing what it’s supposed to do, or could it use a little nudge? Either way, the tips on evaulating content in any of today’s roundup posts might help you move from “meh” to “yeah!”

1. How to Increase Your Content’s Shareability

Why: “Have you ever been stuck in a rut? When you’re just blogging away but see no increase in your traffic? It’s an extremely demoralizing experience, even if you have hundreds of thousands of visits,” says Andrianes Pinantoan of Canva over at Convince and Convert, where he teaches us “how to break out of future roadblocks.”

2. The Art of Repurposing Content – 5 Creative Tips for Content Marketers

Why: “Repurposing content in a way that creates value works great. In fact, repurposing as a form of personalization for target audiences is even better,” states Lee Odden as he explores how you can “achieve both operational efficiencies and target audience effectiveness through repurposed content.”

3. Why it’s Essential You Monitor Trending Content

Why: “You want to see what is popular content, who are popular authors in your niche and what is going to be popular in the future, while also keeping an eye on what is trending related to your own content,” explains Ian Cleary as he shares some great tools and tips.

4. 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Millennials Reading Your Blog

Why: “Finding where millennials are is easy… but if they are exposed to thousands of other messages a day, if they have varied interests and diverse backgrounds; how do you win them over and turn them into loyal customers?” asks Kimberly Grimms in this post for Jeff Bullas, as she discusses how to evaluate your content and gear it towards Gen Y.

5. Give Your Content Marketing a Human Face

Why: “Content provides your market a powerful way to interact with the people behind your brand,” states Jeremy Miller in this WUL goodie that shows you how to evaluate content to create “a human quality for your brand that just cannot be replicated through other advertising and marketing means.”

6. 3 Steps to Efficient Content Amplification

Why: “But with so many other channels to promote your clients’ message, why stop there? The truth is, it can be overwhelming to decide what outlets and platforms will work best,” says Gina Joseph as she explores content amplification as a way to “get  your message to the masses.”

7. If you stopped publishing your social content, would anybody notice?

Why: “Time and resources are finite. As businesses, we need to look at where our time goes and evaluate the measure of how well that time is spent,” writes Brooke Ballard for {grow} as she evaluates her content strategy.

Image: Search Engine People Blog via Flickr, CC 2.0

How do you evaluate content for your website or blog? Any stellar tips you’d like to share? Please share in the comments below.