xPotomac attendees warming upGood morning! Happy Monday! Did everyone enjoy the weekend?

Client engagement is one of the core ways businesses grow their client base. It is also the best way to show your customers you value them as people rather than numbers. To that end, this week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on social media engagement for business.

1. Summer Social Media Prep for Fall Management

Why: The summer months can be a slow time for some businesses. In this post, Debra Askanase gives you some ideas to work on your engagement strategy while things are slow, so that you’re prepared when they heat up again.

2. LinkedIn: Thanks for the Endorsement, Have We Met?

Why: Endorsements on LinkedIn still haven’t been embraced with open arms. Why do you think that is? Daniel Newman opines on MillenialCEO.

3. Successful Social Media Disengagement for Teachers

Why: Sometimes, too much engagement is a bad thing. In this guest post for WUL, Starr Sackstein offers some tips to educators for social media disengagement that also ring true for business owners.

4. Want to be a superstar, but no time for social media? Fake it with Ghost Tweeter.

Why: One of the biggest, consistent complaints about generating social media engagement is the amount of time it takes. In this post for {grow}, Kerry O’Shea reviews a “creative” solution (tip: we’d never endorse it!).

5. Social Media May Soon Drive More Traffic to Your Site Than SEO

Why: SEO is a tried and true method to drive traffic to your site, but as Katy Schamberger explains, changing demographics may soon make social media engagement more important than ever.

6. 7 Tips for Making Small Business Blogging Manageable

Why: A blog is a great way to engage potential and existing clients while building a solid online presence. Ken Mueller shares some tips on making your blogging more manageable.

7. Research reveals 5 secrets for getting more followers

Why: Twitter is a great platform to communicate and engage people in real-time. Adi Gaskell provides some tips on how to grow your followers.

How do you engage followers/fans on social media? Has online engagement had a positive impact on the growth of your business? Please share in the comments below.