Black Bovan Rooster If you thought that the Chicken Dance was reserved solely for county fairs and wedding receptions, think again. Today’s National Dance Like a Chicken Day. Amazingly enough, our fine feathered friends have more to do with social media then you may think.

Here are five articles from around the web that offer something to dance and squawk about.

Image: Michael Gäbler [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. The Chicken and the Egg Social Media Conundrum

Why: Jay Baer applies the age old question to social media marketing.

2. How Chicken Poetry Is Helping KFC Recover From China Scandal

Why: Anita Chang Beattie demonstrates how KFC is using social media to revamp their public image after it was revealed that hormones were being used in chicken production. A couple of months old, it’s still an interesting read.

3. “K” is King in Brand and Company Naming

Why: In a terrific guest post for WUL, Donna Vincent Roa explained the importance of the letter “K” in branding, and why the word “chicken” is funnier than “rooster.”

4. The Chicken Dance and Social Media. More in common than you’d think

Why: Three years ago, Hilton Barbour opined on the similarities between admitting you love the chicken dance and the lack of actual dialogue between  brands and customers on social media. Still a relevant read.

5.  The Chicken Dance #sm4np

Why: Because no roundup with “dance like a chicken” in the headline would be complete without the dance itself. This was from Social Media for Nonprofits San Francisco a couple of years ago, and was led by Beth Kanter and Darian Heyman.

Did you have fun reading these posts? If yes, don’t forget to dance like a chicken today… it’ll brighten your day!