By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Virginia’s Luray Caverns. Maybe I’ll even come back with photos like this one.

Let me rephrase that. I hope I will be on my way to Luray Caverns.

This assumes that while I was sipping my morning tea on my deck, Back Yard Squirrel hasn’t chucked an acorn or several my way to brain me into buying a new bird feeder he can get into.

He broke the last one. Cheeky little booger, isn’t he?


Assuming BYS did not brain me, and assuming I am on my way, I thought I’d leave you with seven great travel-oriented blog posts to whet your wanderlust.

See, I love traveling. Road trips are the best.

I haven’t done a proper road trip since last year’s homage to country music/Elvis, so the prospect of the relatively short – yet not too short – drive to LC has me drooling like a mariachi in a music store.

Fasten your seat belts. Off we go.

1. Passports with Purpose 2010 – Travel Bloggers Raising Money Together, from Chris Gray Faust‘s Chris Around the World.

Why: Peregrination + philanthropy using social media = paradise.

2. British holidays are not that bad, from Darren Cronian‘s Travel Rants.

Why: If I could, I’d make every holiday a British holiday. But I thought this was a great reminder of how fun times can be had without going halfway around the world (like Luray Caverns, heh).

3. Dealing with ants in your house in Thailand, from I Travel About.

Why: Forget about Thailand, I periodically get ants here.

4. Pet travel lessons learned from one couple’s DIY pet move, from PetRelocation.com.

Why: PetRelocation is a great resource for folks who like (or need) to travel with their pets. Plus, they were stellar at trying to help me find an orphaned German Shepherd a home last year.

5. Pitfalls on travel writing from the road, from the Travel Tart.

Why: It’s funny. And it’s a good reminder of what not to take for granted.

6. Cow in a car, from April Wendy Hollands’ Le Franco Phoney.

Why: The photo says it all.

7. The Shrink-Wrapped Traveler, by Eric Weiner from World Hum.

Why: The Geography of Bliss is a great book. And this is a great read on why we travel… and why, at the end of the day, we all need some place that feels like home.

So. Where are you going next?

Image: Flickr user John Menard, CC 2.0