I came across this MediaPost article today on what to do when social media “attacks.”

Apparently the “media mavens” surveyed in the report mentioned came up with the following as “counter-strategies” when advertisers come across negative comments in social media:

As one might expect, there is no magic bullet for countering negative comments: the two most popular responses were directly engaging the commenter, a tactic used by 47% of social media advertisers surveyed, and improving the quality of products or services being advertised, according to 33% of respondents.

Aside from these commonsensical but labor-intensive propositions, what other short-term fixes can online advertisers employ in dealing with negative comments? One strategy is neutralizing the negative comment, either by encouraging other consumers to leave positive comments (24%) or attempting to get the content removed by the publisher or blogger (14%).

You know what? Social media might still be shiny and new to some (ok, a lot of) folk, but there’s nothing new about being smart about your communication. And if advertisers are serious about growing their customer bases, they shouldn’t be looking for “short-term fixes” any way.

Why not just do it the old-fashioned way – by putting out a good service or product to begin with? Want to 21st century it up? Use the new SM channels to listen, engage and respond.I mean, seriously. You can’t stumble upon anything referencing social media and not stumble upon those words.

Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say.

Image: Divine Harvester

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