new perceptionsEven though the new year is barely two weeks old, it’s easy to fall back into old routines and habits. To help you avoid that trap, this week’s roundup features seven posts from around the web that might help you craft new beginnings for old issues, as it were. Enjoy!

Image: mario via Flickr, CC 2.0

1. How Do You Start Over After Building a Successful Blog?

Why: How does one start from scratch after building a successful blog and community? In this guest post for Mark Schaefer‘s {grow}, super-blogger Jason Falls recounts his experience. This is a remarkable read. That’s why we started with it – don’t miss it.

2. Falling Behind on Content? Catch Up With These Content Repurposing Tips

Why: After a holiday break, getting back to creating original content can easily strain your business resources. Learn how to repurpose content that performed well in 2014 in this absolutely excellent post for Top Rank Marketing from James Anderson.

3. Your Career and You: “Attitude…People DO Notice, You Know?!?”

Why: Public perception can help or hinder the growth of your customer base. Kirk Hazlett relays a personal anecdote that illustrates how a simple change in attitude can have a huge impact.

4. Finding the Time in 2015 to Achieve All of Your Goals

Why: If you’re like most of us, there never seems to be enough time in your day… or even year! Deirdre Breakenridge shares how a change in your perception and management of time can help you achieve your 2015 goals.

5. How to Apologize Like a Boss

Why: Could your perception of what an apology constitutes be hindering your professional and personal growth? In this goodie from the WUL vault, Kelly Gregorio shows how to apologize like a boss… and move on.

6. Is Your Self-perception Killing Your Blog?

Why: Self image can affect more than just your personal life. In this extremely powerful post for ProBlogger from a couple of years ago, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt explores how positive self perception can lead to extraordinary results in business and life.

7. Never Underestimate the Power of Consistent Customer Service

Why: Customers enjoy reliability and predictability when it comes to business transactions. Adam Toporek explores why maintaining positive perception of your company is key to long-term success.

Has a change in perception – whether yours or others – had an impact on the way you do business? Please share in the comments below.