I know, I know, your Weekly Roundup is late today.

What can I say, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day.

So I decided to show myself a little love and take a nap instead of fretting about when this post would publish.

If charity begins at home, surely love does as well?


Anyway. Seeing as how one can’t get away from hearts, flowers or any manifestation of the L word, I figured V Day would make as good a theme as any for today’s weekly roundup.

Here goes.

1. 7 email marketing tips for Valentine’s Day, by Katy McFadden on Inc.com.

Why: You could use these tips for pretty much any holiday, as the article sub-title says, and it’s a good read.

2. Downside to Valentine’s Day flowers – UK demand is ‘bleeding’ Kenya dry, from Science 2.0.

Why: A pretty good example of tying a story into a calendar event… and a reminder that there’s a flip side to everything, including hearts and flowers.

3. Data and dating, by Steve King at Small Business Labs.

Why: Steve looked at several recent articles focusing on the growing role of data and analytics in the online dating process… appearing over last year’s Valentine’s Day weekend.

4. 7 facts on Valentine’s Day... from All Women Stalk.

Why: Bit of a weird blog name (why wouldn’t it be “All Women’s Talk” instead of the creepier version?) IMHO, but some cute factoids here.

Like the last fact (maybe this is where the saying “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” came from? Just guessing).

5. Couple uses same Valentine’s Day card for 70 years, from Neatorama.

Why: you ask me “why”?!

6. Some Valentine’s Day social media advice, by Nick Gosling at Reputation.com.

Why: I saw a bunch of extremely unoriginal “how to use social media for V Day” type of posts, and this was much better than most.

7. Parents and Valentine’s Day, by Kevin D. Arnold at Psychology Today.

Why: A bit of a different twist on the clichéd hearts and roses theme… but one that will likely make you smile, especially if you have kids.

If you celebrate it tomorrow, happy Valentine’s Day. If you don’t… well, have a good day anyway!

Image: Twistiti via Flickr, CC 2.0