Today’s Hallowe’en.

Ghouls and ghosties and Lady Gagas and I’m sure several Sarah Palins will abound as they go door-to-door, foraging for sugar, wondering if they’ll get scared out of their lives.

Given as how I’m nursing a cold (or bronchitis, or pneumonia, please NOT pneumonia), I might doff the witch’s garb this year and opt for peace and quiet.

Especially since my hounds don’t realize that those little ghoulies are just kids and set up a caterwauling wild enough to make a banshee cry.

But in the spirit of the day, here are seven posts for your Hallowe’en hilarity.

1. Trick or Tweet? Some Halloween social media fun for a good cause, from Beth Kanter.

Why: Even though this post is two years old, it’s still a great idea.

2. How to celebrate Halloween social media style, from New Media Strategies.

Why: pure fun. Though it might be lost on the kids coming to collect their candy.

3. The Halloween theory of social media, from Richard Bailey’s PR Studies.

Why: you could let social media say “boo” to you. Or not. Up to you.

4. The 5 scariest things to tell a PR firm, by John Terrill on SpeakerBox’s The Sounding Board.

5. Why: part of the problem with PR is that businesses still don’t understand what we do. And that leads to stuff like this.

6. How to run a fearless small business by Taylor Lindstrom at Copyblogger.

Why: especially for my friends (and foes) who run small businesses. Take heart, not howls.

7. Let’s Halloween up PR, by, er, me.

Why: if we don’t enjoy what we do, what’s the point?

Image: YiYing Lu via Flickr, Creative Commons