coming out of the wildernessI left DC on Monday to conduct a workshop for IABC/Houston. After getting back, catching up on work and then my Reader, I found there was a whole lotta stuff I’d been missing out on.

Where have I been?!

If  you find yourself in the same predicament, have a read.

1. The hitchhiker’s guide to tracking website engagement, by Petri Darby for Convince & Convert.

Why: Petri had me at, “There is no one metric or set of metrics that will work for every organization.”

2. Advisory: Google+ begins booting brands, by Geoff Livingston and Danny Brown.

Why: commonsense.

3. I am already sick of Google+, by Jen Zingsheim at Media Bullseye.

Why: tell me you’re not secretly nodding your head.

4. The challenge for selling B2B isn’t packaging (@rdempsey), over at Erica Allison‘s blog.

Why: typos notwithstanding, I really like the way Robert gives concrete suggestions not just in his post, but in the comments as well.

5. The making of a social media slut, by Mark Schaefer.

Why: like it or not, Klout is here to stay.

6. Social media, thin skins and minions, by Mark Story.

Why: apparently I missed out on quite the social-media-storm-in-a-teacup while traveling this week!

7. Rethinking the definition of media placement, by Brandon Andersen for the Cision blog.

Why: especially for those of us who are fixated on “media placement,” this is a good read as to translating that obsession online (note, I’m not going as far as to talk about “measurement,” but this is a good way of looking at it.)

Image: bopacasi via Flickr, CC 2.0