It’s been over a week since the last #measurePR chat, and you’ve probably been looking for the transcript.

Well, thanks to WTHashtag, I haven’t been able to post the transcript, because it missed a significant portion of the tweets.

I know. That’s the price of free, right?

I did manage to capture screen shots of the chat via TwitterSearch, but they’re not in chronological order… well, they’re in reverse chronological order, which means you’ll have to read them down → up, instead of up → down… and you’ll have to read them page by page. Believe me, it’s the only way you won’t go crazy.

But then again, that’s the price of free.

I even asked Matt LaCasse how he managed to oh-so-beautifully post the #cookchat transcript to his blog, and apparently he C&P’d from WTHashtag… which missed most of our #measurePR tweets.

I know. I KNOW.

The price of free.

For what it’s worth, here you have ’em. A recap of last week’s #measurePR where we talked about whether or not PRWeek cares about business outcomes (thanks, @MediaMiser, for that terrific question), welcomed @frugalista, @JohnFriedman and @prTini to our ranks, and shared our favorite PR measurement resources with each other.

Remember, down → up, not up → down. Just pretend you’re reading Japanese (or Hanunó’o – thanks, Lorne Pike) … without the pretty characters.

Image: Okinawa Soba, Creative Commons

What’s next?

Next week, Jen Zingsheim of CustomScoop (of which I’m a happy client) will be chatting with us. I, for one, can’t wait. Whaddya want to ask her? Leave a comment below or tweet me!