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29 Oct 2009

Can Someone Say “Stop”?

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

I don’t know how you organize your RSS feeds, but except for the feeds I have set up for client monitoring, mine are in alphabetical order. So my usual M.O. is to check my client feeds, and then go through the rest from A-Z. Some day I might progress to Amy Mengel’s system, but for now, I’m basic like that.

Lately, though, I find myself going to David Murray’s Writing Boots (which, if you don’t read or subscribe to, you should) first. Hardly a new kid on […]

15 May 2009

The Ragan Experience

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting, for the first time ever, at Ragan Communications’ 2009 Corporate Communicators Conference in Chicago. As someone who’s wistfully devoured the CCC brochures every year, this was a big thrill for me.

My session on strategic communications planning took place a week ago today; unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay over and attend the “unconference,” so missed meeting many of the wonderful and smart people I’ve gotten to know on Twitter. I did get to meet Amy Mengel (whose […]

10 Mar 2009

To ABC or Not, That is the Question

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes

A couple of weeks ago we started talking about accreditation on Twitter (at least, I did). I serve on IABC’s Accreditation Council so, clearly, think it’s a good thing. I was curious about what others thought, so I asked my networks why they had pursued, or were pursuing, accreditation, and what value they derived from it.

What’s the Value of Accreditation?

The response overwhelmed me, not just by how many there were, but by how strongly people feel about accreditation.

There were […]

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