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24 Jun 2010

From “Check” to “Checkmate”

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Today I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar for Ragan Communications, on smart communication strategy in the digital age.

This is a topic I speak on pretty often, and the more I do it, the more I’m convinced about something:

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

So now we have social media tools at our disposal. So what? The thinking behind good communication doesn’t – or shouldn’t – change.

If you have your fundamentals right (i.e. goals, measurable objectives, strategy, tactics), then all you really […]

23 Jun 2010

On Pontification

Estimated Reading Time: 49 seconds

Quick heads-up: tomorrow I’m doing a Ragan webinar on social media and strategic communication in the “age of now.” (They didn’t say that last bit, I did.)

Friday, I’ll be at the Potomac TechWire Digital Media Conference East, on a Twitter-related panel with luminaries such as Rohit Bhargava and Jodi Gersh (hashtag #dmc10).

Hey, I can try to pontificate with the best of them. I might not beat ’em at their game, but you can’t knock a girl for trying, can you?

Hope you see you at […]

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