I don’t really have a theme this week for your Weekly Roundup.

It’s been a busy week, both online and offline, and the entire budget debacle was also a bit concerning.

But it was a good week for opinionated posts, so I’m sharing those I enjoyed the most (out of those I read, of course).

And then there are a few more that are just plain old helpful… and hilarious.

So I figured this is like one of those gift baskets that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

You enjoy some of the stuff right away, and the rest, you put away for later.

So to decide which is which, read on!

1. Countering Tom Foremski’s farewell to social media, by Karthik S. aka Beast of Traal.

Why: I love me a good rebuttal post.

2. The Year of Me is about us. How you can participate. by Jon Newman.

Why: Jon is a friend, yes, but more than that, he’s a great guy.

Today’s his 50th birthday, so please hop on over to his Facebook wall, wish him “happy birthday,” and help him help some people who need it.

3. Two tools for bloggers, over at Spin Sucks by the erstwhile Gini Dietrich.

Why: I hadn’t thought of publishing WUL on Kindle (would you want that?), but now I might.

4. Death of a writer: Jacqueline Howett, by Brian Meeks.

Why: I read this post a while back and, like Brian, was fascinated by the comments.

Then, the Ragan debacle this past week over the whole AVE thing reminded me of it.

It’s probably a whole other blog post, but there’s so much to be learned from commenting, and about commenting, on blog posts.

5. 4 SEO mistakes that are easy to fix, by Ken Mueller.

Why: I’ve seen far too many posts telling you to fix stuff without telling you exactly how to do it. This one walks the talk.

6. A classic take on social media, a guest post by David Murton for Mark Schaeffer’s {grow}.

Why: would Shakespeare be able to survive in today’s wordsmithing world?

7. 5 Facebook Insights metrics to track””and why, by Arik Hanson.

Why: while I’m really comfortable talking to people over Twitter, I pretty much suck as a Facebook Page owner.

Part of this is that I don’t really use it to market aggressively, but I figured I might as well have a page set up so that, if and when the time comes, I can do so.

I found this really well laid-out and helpful, both for myself as well as for any clients’ whose Pages I may have to help out with.

Image: Birdies100 via Flickr, CC 2.0