So many posts, so little time…

It’s the time of year when online noise gets louder (not a scientific statement, just my opinion), and everyone’s talking about lists, predictions for the new year, yada yada.

What I liked about these posts, which I’ve seen over the last few weeks, was that they’re all a bit different.

So that’s what today’s weekly roundup is focusing on. A little bit of freshness for your day. Enjoy.

1. Five ways to make your listening reports better, from Chuck Hemann‘s Analytics is King.

Why: I’ve been a fan of Chuck’s for a while, and this clearly laid-out post drives home what the point of such reports should be.

2. Delegating email with Gmail, from Duct Tape Marketing.

Why: more and more people are using Gmail as their default email program, even for work (I do). This could come in handy.

3. The effect of brand building on search traffic, from PPC Blog.

Why: a pretty interesting way of looking at, and taking advantage of, infomercials.

4. India’s Twitter, from

Why: so Mark Zuckerberg is TIME‘s Person of the Year. GupShup, however, is already giving Facebook a run for its money in one of the most populous (and talkative) countries in the world.

5. 3 street selling tactics that boosted my email subscribers over 100%, from The Smart Passive Income Blog.

Why: great ideas that might spur your creative juices, even if you don’t have an e-newsletter… or get you started thinking about one.

6. In defense of Klout, by Tac Anderson at New Comm Biz.

Why: Klout’s taken a lot of beating online recently. I thought this was a refreshingly different post.

7. Creating keyword opportunity lists with Excel Custom Sort, from SEOmoz’ The YOUmoz Blog.

Why: PR pros are trying to learn more and more about SEO and using keywords smartly. I thought this was a terrific post, clearly-explained and well laid out.

Image: Peter Roome via Flickr, Creative Commons

Shonali Burke
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Shonali Burke
Shonali Burke